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Thermarestor® - the solution

The Thermarestor® system is a brand new range of products designed to prevent fires within electrical installations from happening.


Poorly made and loose electrical connections can cause excessive heat and result in fire. Thermarestor® works as a heat detector, monitoring connection points. If it detects abnormal heat, it can isolate the power, remove the source of ignition and provide very early warning of a potential problem by alerting the occupant via a suitable alarm system


It can be fitted in new and existing consumer units and distribution boards, it's available in a range of sizes and is quick and simple to install.


Electrical fires are big news within the industry at the moment. One of the biggest changes in the latest edition of BS 7671 wiring regulations is a requirement for consumer units to have their enclosures manufactured from a non-combustible material (Metal). This is in response to increasing concerns regarding fire safety but even those responsible for the new regulation acknowledge that it is not a complete solution to the problem, as it will only contain any fire for longer rather than preventing it from happening in the first place.

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